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Wedding Cake Design Pro is a must have for every BRIDE!
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Design your own Wedding Cake like a Pro


Here comes the bride, with the cake of her dreams! Next to the bride, and maybe the groom, the cake is one of the major focuses of a successful wedding. Not only does it have to taste delicious, but it has to look spectacular and fit the couple and their event. While many brides choose the style and flavor, some may leave the details to the professionals. With Wedding Cake Design Pro, the brides themselves are the professionals, and they can easily design the wedding cake they’ve always dreamt about.


Wedding Cake Design Pro is an easy-to-use software program that brides and grooms can download to start creating their ideal cake. From traditional and classic cakes to contemporary and designer masterpieces, this program makes it easy to create unique wedding cakes, no matter the season or theme. Step-by-step instructions take the user from creative start to delicious finish. Even if they’ve never imagined being a designer or baker, Wedding Cake Design Pro guides all users through the process to make them feel like a pro.


How Wedding Cake Design Pro Works

First a flavor and filling is chosen for the cake, then style, shape, and number of tiers is decided upon. The software includes a wide selection of cake design combinations to choose from, all illustrated in 3D throughout the design tool. The design process is as easy as clicking and dropping selections to start building the cake. Colors, décor, patterns, and borders are all up to the bride and groom, and all at their fingertips. If it’s just too difficult to make a decision, or some design inspiration is needed, there are pre-set designs included in the software that can be customized to fit the wedding couple’s desires. Nothing is set in icing until it’s on the table. Change your mind, start from scratch, or alter bits and pieces of the cake before taking the ideas to a baker to discuss. Bakers even have the option to download the software to assist in the design process.


Wedding Cake Design Pro is a perfect do-it-yourself design tool to create a memory that will last beyond the last bite.















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Why not go to the baker with a picture of the cake you want already in your hands?


Our software is so easy to use – we promise you’ll be designing a beautiful specialty cake in no time.


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