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Wedding Cake Design Pro is a must have for every BRIDE!
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Wedding Cake Design Software


The wedding cake has come to the twenty first century with new design tools for making the most exciting and memorable wedding cake ever! Wedding Cake Design Pro specializes in design software for unique wedding cakes. Designed for ease of use and an almost infinite range of options, Wedding Cake Design Pro’s wedding cake design software allows a novice or a professional to have access to a set of powerful design tools, allowing you to design your themed wedding cakes for your special event.

Weddings are a joyous event, and it takes a lot of upfront planning to make everything a success. Whether you are a first-time bride or an experienced wedding cake designer, Wedding Cake Design Pro software makes designing unique wedding cakes fun and interactive.  The standard software can be enhanced with a number of different expansion packs, offering design software customized to your particular needs: Tier Expansion Pack, Embellishment Color, Flower Color, Tier and Pan Size Expansion, bouquet exporter and builder, decal wizard and library, tapered tiers, and now our latest safari expansion pack.


Unique Wedding Cake Designs from Wedding Cake Design Pro


The standard Wedding Cake Design Pro allows you to craft your dream vision in three dimensional computer graphics in minutes, using drag-and-drop functionality and a wide variety of cake embellishments, colors and more. Wedding Cake Design Pro can be downloaded via the web or purchased as a CD-ROM.

The tier expansion pack includes a variety of tier shapes including Hexagonal, Oval and Rectangular cakes, with adjustable height, width, color and border options. A number of embellishments are provided, including top and bottom borders.

Embellishment color and Flower Color both add extra 130 color to your palette for more customized color schemes, and seasonal wedding cakes.
The tier and pan size expansion pack includes more specific control over tier and pan designs, and provides a detailed summary of all wedding cake elements.

The Decal Wizard and Library add-on can allow professionals or others skilled in graphics to make their contribution to your unique wedding cakes. A .Png or .Bmp file can be imported and placed onto the cake surface in a number of ways.

Tapered Tiers can give your cake a unique profile. Two taper-friendly border options are provided.

Safari is the latest expansion pack offered by Wedding Cake Design Pro, for those adventurous designers who want to add some animal print for that special statement.

Wedding Cake Design Pro provides wedding cake design software for unique wedding cakes your guests will talk about for years.



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Wedding Cake Design Software

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