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Wedding Cake Design Pro is a must have for every BRIDE!
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Professional Wedding Cake Design Software Overview

In the world of professional wedding cake design, half the challenge occurs before a baker ever sets foot in the kitchen. Armed with an arsenal of design books, a portfolio of works, along with a sketchbook and pencil, wedding cake decorators take on the task of translating a bride’s unique wedding cake vision. In many cases, a client leaves a shop mildly confident but not certain that his or her requests have been fully understood. Wedding Cake Design Pro, a professional-grade cake decorating software, takes uncertainty and doubt out of the cake consultation equation. Within minutes, wedding cake design ideas can be brought into three-dimensional reality using this easy-to-use and comprehensive wedding cake decoration software.


Designed by a team of software developers and professional baker, Tanna Wagenmann Fillman, Wedding Cake Design Pro achieves the perfect balance between program capability and ease of use. Wedding cake decorators do not have to be computer experts to operate this ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) wedding cake decorating and design tool. Using a graphic based navigation system and simple drag and drop functionality, custom and unique wedding cakes can be designed to exact client specifications. From tier shape and size to fondant color, trim, embellishments, and much more, Wedding Cake Design Pro makes it possible to generate a detailed three-dimensional model of a dream wedding cake at a moment’s notice.


Why Bakers Love Wedding Cake Design Pro:

  • With an expansive wedding cake decoration and embellishment library, bakers do not have to downplay their creativity or limit their design ideas to match the capabilities of the program. What’s more, affordable expansion packs increase the already extensive design possibilities by providing additional options in tier shapes, colors, patterns, custom decals, and more.

  • With Wedding Cake Design Pro custom cake decorating software, sharing unique creations with clientele is an effortless process. Design a wedding cake with the customer on-site or email custom creations and alterations at a later date for client review and approval.

  • Using Wedding Cake Design Pro as a tool, a baker’s portfolio of work does not have to be limited to executed designs. Create an extensive virtual portfolio of three dimensional models to demonstrate design possibilities and baker capabilities. What’s more, saved templates can easily be retrieved and altered within minutes to match specific color palettes, preferences, and themes of varying clientele.

  • Wedding Cake Design Pro makes illustrating design intricacies, easy. Traditional cake sketches fail to capture the true detail of the end product. The three-dimensional models made possible by this state-of-the-art cake decorating software provide soon-to-be brides and grooms with a 360 degree, three-dimensional view of their specialty cake.

Order and download a copy of Wedding Cake Design Pro today and greatly enhance your client consultations tomorrow with exponential cake decorating and design possibilities.


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