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We knew that if you were going to design your own wedding cake, you wouldn’t want to fight with software that required a college degree in computer science just to get past the start screen. We knew you would want a design tool that reduced the hassle of wedding planning while also being fun to use. We’ve built all of this right into our wedding cake design software.


Here are some of the features of Wedding Cake Design Pro that will make it a snap for you to design the wedding cake of your dreams.  


Three Dimensional Graphics – Everything is graphics. There is no struggling to find the right text menu. There are no hidden tool bars, no special key combinations. Wedding cake design pro features everything you need to build a truly beautiful and unique wedding cake, right on the screen in three dimensional graphics.


Lots of Options – Your design is completely customizable. Sure, we’ve made our software easy to use but not by skimping on options. Choose from hundreds of options to create your very own wedding cake! From icing colors to accents to style: choose the size, choose the shape and number of tiers you’d like. If you can dream it, we can help you design it.


Click and Drop – Want a different border on the bottom tier? Want a few more flowers in the top corner? With our software you can simply click and drop additions onto your beautiful cake right from the picture menu on the screen. Add new flowers here, a different border there or the look of a satin ribbon around a cake tier; all are possible with this program, they’re all just a click away!


Step by Step Design – We’ve been consulting with brides and their fiances for many years. We have an approach, a certain way of building these confections that result in awe-inspiring cakes. And we’ve built that system into our software. Now, you can use the same techniques, and in the same order of steps that we use. Our software will “guide” you in what to do next, it’s simple and easy! You’ll end up with an astonishing design that looks like it was painstakingly created by a professional.


Pre-Set Designs – Don’t want to start from scratch? No problem. We’ve built in some basic templates that you can use to get started. And of course, every element of these pre-set designs is customizable. Change whatever you want. Go ahead; we want you to see all of your options!


Our software is really fun and easy to use, even if you’re not a computer whiz. First time users can create a number of beautiful cakes in as much time as it would take to sit down and watch your favorite television show. Build it from the bottom up, choose colors, add the patterns, the borders, the decorations, add tier separators and change their shape. Change it piece by piece if you’d like. Add, remove, move, or change multiple elements with a single click.


Then, best of all, print out a copy and take it along to use during the consultation with your baker, event planner and even your florist.  Better yet, tell your baker to pick up a copy of the software and share your designs that way. They’ll thank you for it!


We’ve made ordering easy too. Just click here to order!


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