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Wedding Cake Design Pro is a must have for every BRIDE!
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Frequently Asked Questions


How many cakes can I design with this program?

As many cakes as you’d like! With all of the design and color options Wedding Cake Design Pro lets you create and save thousands of cakes.  You can print them out to compare them side by side or send them as an email attachment to your friends and family for their input and give their suggestions a try.


Will this program allow me to color coordinate my cake with the color theme of my wedding?

Yes, the color palate is set up with varying shades of a beautiful array of the most current and traditional wedding colors. Your baker will further be able to match the exact color of your cake if you take to them a matching or coordinating color swatch.


Will this program run on my computer?

Yes, if your computer has Windows® XP (Recommended) or higher with a 1.7Ghz Intel® or AMD processor (or faster), at least 1 Gigabyte of available disc space and 128MB RAM (256MB Recommended) also a Microsoft®Direct X®.0C capable 3D graphics card as in an NVidia: Geforce2 or Compatible or higher required, Geforce 4 (non-mx) or higher recommended,  or an ATI: Radeon 7500 or Compatible or higher required, Radeon 9600 or higher recommended.   64MB Min. video memory - 256MB or Greater Recommended , the most up to date graphics drivers for your system are recommended, SiS, Intel and S3 cards might or might not be supported.  Your computer also needs to be connected to the internet for initial installation.


What kind of video card do I need?

• Microsoft® Direct X® 9.0C capable 3D graphics card
• 64MB Min. - 256MB or Greater Recommended

• NVidia: Geforce2 or Compatible or higher required,
• Geforce 4 (non-mx) or higher recommended

• ATI: Radeon 7500 or Compatible or higher required,
• Radeon 9600 or higher recommended

• SiS, Intel and S3 cards might or might not be supported.


Please click here to go to the WCDP Vista and Win XP Update page


I am looking for a cake design that is not traditional…are there designs that will fit my style?

Most definitely! That’s what makes Wedding Cake Design Pro such a great wedding planning tool. If that’s what you’re looking for, you are able to create a wedding cake that’s anything but traditional through the use of colors, shapes and design elements.


My mother-in-law says that my baker will have plenty of cakes to choose from when we go for our consultation – do I still need to bring in my own ideas?

Your baker will certainly have a variety of wedding cakes to choose from, but those are all designs that have been done before and they might not be exactly what you’re looking for. There have been quite a few instances where your design and your baker’s design combine to create something even more spectacular than either of you imagined!


My bridesmaid’s dresses are being custom dyed…will there be anyway to match the colors exactly?

Sure! Wedding Cake Design Pro allows you to choose the exact colors that you want on your cake and where you’d like the color to be incorporated. However, all computer monitors show color a little bit differently (the same holds true with printers as well) so it’s always a good idea to bring a swatch of the fabric you’re trying to coordinate with to your baker to ensure the colors match up perfectly.


I would like to incorporate fresh flowers into my cake design….is this possible?

Yes. We’ve included all sorts of gorgeous wedding flowers for you to add to the design of your cake. It’s also a good idea to take your cake design to the florist, so that they know what the overall look of your wedding cake is. The florist may also be able to make suggestions for a floral look for your cake based on your design that complements the overall look and style of your wedding.


How can I email my cake to my friends?

Wedding Cake Design Pro allows you to save your design at any point in a format that allows for quick and easy email.


Can I start a cake design and then work on it later without losing what I had already done?

Yes. Our program allows you to save your work and open the file any time you like and as often as you’d like. It’s quite useful if, for instance, you know that you want a 5 tier cake but don’t know exactly what color scheme is going to compliment the look of your wedding. You can save the 5 tier configuration and each time you go back to it, change the colors and print them out. Doing this allows you to look at them side by side and choose the cake that’s right for your very special day!


What if I know the number of invited guests I have coming, but I am not sure how many tiers I will need to serve that number of people?

That’s usually not a problem. Your baker will be able to suggest the appropriate number of tiers and offer further suggestions of how to best incorporate the design style you’ve chosen and the number of guests it will serve.  A reputable baker will be very accommodating and mindful of what you’ve designed and come up with a wedding cake that is both beautiful and delicious! Remember, Wedding Cake Design Pro was deigned by a wedding cake design professional and baker with years of experience consulting with brides and their families!


If the cake I design is extremely elaborate, will my baker be able to make it?

In almost every case, yes. There are a lot of extremely talented bakers and pastry chefs available to make the cake that you’ve created using this 3D design software program. Wedding Cake Design Pro is often used by professionals to come up with new design ideas and concepts to use in their own shops. Ask your baker if they already use this program and the two of you will be able to exchange cake ideas back and forth on-line.


Planning all of the details of my wedding is proving to be very time consuming…but fun ! Will I have time to learn how to use this program and actually use the cake that I’ve designed?

Absolutely! With the quick start help menu, you will be designing your own wedding cake in no time at all. We’ve designed this program with the busy bride and groom in mind. The program takes you through each of the steps that professionals use in an easy to follow walk through style. It starts with step one and goes through step six…hundreds of choices to create something truly unique with software that’s truly easy to use.


My fiancé knows nothing about computers…will we be able to work on this together?

Yes! That is the true beauty of this program! The ability to ‘click’ and ‘drag’ is all that’s necessary to create the wedding cake of your dreams!


How do I find out What the system Requirements are?

Just Click on this link and it will take you to the system requirements page.
Please click here to go to the System Requirements page


How do I get Microsoft DirectX® 9.0C?

Just Click on this link and it will take you to the Microsoft DirectX® download page.


In the middle of the page Click on "Get All Downloads". Then look for the download for directx 9.0c End-User Runtime. Just download this file and install as directed.


Important!How to check for the Direct X® Version and Video Card Display that is installed on your system:


Click the Green Start button (usually on the lower left of your screen), when that window opens - Click RUN, in the run dialogue box type – dxdiag and Click Ok, when this window opens, Click the System tab – read from the bottom up and you should see the “Direct X® Version” listed – then Click the Display tab and you should see the Video card that is installed on your system. 


On the Display tab, under “DirectX Features”, the DirectDraw Acceleration, the Direct3D Acceleration, and the AGP Texture Acceleration should be enabled.  There are test buttons for DirectDraw and Direct3D, you may want to run a test.


The test results should be displayed in the box below the test buttons.  You may want to save and exit or exit.


Important!Below are two laptop system configurations that have run extremely well for us.
 We have road tested these systems and they have endured quite a bit of punishment.


Computer Style:  LAPTOP
Computer Brand:  HP Pavillion - dv4000
Operating System: Microsoft XP Home Edition (5.1 Build 2600)
Processor:  Intel® Celeron (R) M Processor 1.5 GHz
Bios: Version 1.00 PARTTBLX
Memory:  502 MB Ram
Direct X® 9.0c


Video Display:  Intel®
Chip Type:  Mobil Intel ® 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset
DAC Type:  Internal
Approx. Total Memory 128 MB
Display Mode:  1280X800 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Display Drivers:  Drivers for Intel®
Main:  ialmrnt5.dll
Version:  6.14.0010.4363 (English)
Date:  7/19/2005
WHQL logo’d : Yes
Mini VDD:  ialmnt5.sys
DDI:  Version 9 (or Higher)


Computer Style:  LAPTOP
Computer Brand:  ACER
Operating System: Microsoft XP Professional Edition (5.1 Build 2600)
Processor:  AMD Turion ™ 64X2 Mobil TechTL - 50
Memory:  766 MB Ram
Direct X® 9.0c


Video Display:  ATI Radeon® Xpress 1100
Manufacturer:  ATI Technologies, Inc.
Chip Type:  ATI ATI Radeon Xpress Series (0X5975)
DAC Type:  Internal DAC (400MHz)
Approx. Total Memory 512 MB
Display Mode:  1280X800 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Display Drivers:  ati dvag,dll
Main:  ialmrnt5.dll
Version:  6.14.0010.663 (English)
Date:  8/8/2006
WHQL logo’d : Yes
Mini VDD:  ati2mtag.sys
DDI:  Version 9 (or Higher)


Installing on Windows Vista

Information below is for those who have either Windows Vista or a 64 bit OS and who have the CD-ROM version or the downloaded version prior to October 20, 2009. 

There is also a Vista update on the web site.  This update is for those who have either Windows Vista or a 64 bit OS and who have the CD-ROM version or the downloaded version prior to October 20, 2009. 


Click on “update” at the bottom of the home page.  This update addresses Vista’s handling of printer and jpg issues.

The general order for Vista installation for those users who have the CD-ROM version or the downloaded version prior to October 20, 2009;
Turn off UAC, Install program, Install Vista update, Install ck update (if needed), License program.

All other Vista users may need to turn off the UAC prior to installation.


Vista’s User Account Control:  Turning it off.

Installing on Windows Vista with the user account control turned off:

It is best to be logged in as the administrator with all privileges.

If the wedding cake design pro computer is running Windows Vista;
Windows Vista has a new security feature called "User Account Control".
Here is an explanation of it's function taken from Vista's Help file.

"User Account Control (UAC) is a feature in Windows that can help prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. UAC does this by asking you for permission or an administrator? password before performing actions that could potentially affect your computer's operation or that change settings that affect other users. When you see a UAC message, read it carefully, and then make sure the name of the action or program that's about to start is one that you intended to start."


64 bit operating systems:

If you have a 64 bit operating system, please go to the update page and download the ck update installer.  Follow all of the instructions included in the downloaded “zip” file.


How to Check for which version Operating System is installed on your computer:


Click the Green Start button (usually on the lower left of your screen), when that window opens – RIGHT Click “My Computer”, when this window opens, highlight properties and Click Properties.  On the General tab, you should see your general system information.  Click Ok when you are done. 


Important!After Entering the “Serial Number”:
When the small gray and white window appears with the initials WCDP and the candy stripe is scrolling – Do Not Press Enter – unless technical support asks you to reconfigure your license.  This small window will disappear and you will be forwarded to the “Welcome Screen”. 


If you do press enter, this will halt the program installation and/or abort the program launch.


 If this is done a few times, your serial number will be lost.
This small window will appear each time the program is launched.  Allow it to pass through to the “Welcome Screen”.


Important!Entering your “Serial Number”: 
The Serial Number is Case sensitive.  The easiest way to enter the correct number is to copy and paste the number into the registration box.  Be certain that no extra spaces or characters are added when doing this. 


When entering the serial number manually, please note that the number “1”, the lower case “L”, and the upper case “I” look very similar; also note that the number zero and the upper case/lower case Vowel “O” look very similar. 


There are no spaces before or after or in between any of the characters. 


Important!When Installing the Windows Vista® or Win XP® Update:
Note: The Wedding cake design pro software must already be installed and licensed.


Important!Choose the update that matches your operating system.
Download the WCDP Update from the Link Below – open the zip file to your desk top and then double Click the wcdp- update -setup file.  Then follow the prompts.  Save this downloaded file in a safe place for future use if needed. 


Please click here to go to the WCDP Vista and Win XP Update page


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