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Wedding Cake Design Pro puts no limit on your custom wedding cake desires. Through our state-of-the-art software and affordable expansion packs, brides can experiment with tier shapes, patterns, borders, and more for a look that fulfills a unique design vision.


When planning a dream wedding cake, a bride’s first design decision rests with the cake’s shape and number of tiers. Wedding Cake Design Pro, a comprehensive and easy-to-use cake decorating software, offers every soon-to-be-bride an abundant selection of wedding cake decoration ideas, including tier shapes and quantities. From circle tiers and ovals to hexagons and rectangles, Wedding Cake Design Pro and its optional tier expansion packs provide brides and grooms with the tools they need to create truly custom, unique, and one-of-a-kind wedding cakes.


With this versatile and straight forward ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) wedding cake decorating software, brides with a specific vision no longer have to rely on a confusing compilation of magazine clippings or drawings to convey their dream design to wedding cake decorators and bakers. Instead, brides can express custom wedding cake design ideas through a detailed three-dimensional cake model. Best of all, changes to unique wedding cake designs can be made instantaneously. From adding an additional tier to altering tier shapes, aspiring cake designers can fine-tune their creation until they’ve arrived at a look that is just right for their special day.


Available Tier Options and Expansion Packs

Built-in tier options include the timeless round shape – a staple for traditional brides looking to achieve a classic look—and the not-so-conventional heart and flower shape. The number of tiers and how they are stacked is up to the designer. For an elegant look, why not try a three-tiered round cake? Or, if the goal is to have all eyes focused on an attention-grabbing custom wedding cake, consider a towering design complete with tier separators. Read on to discover what customizing features are made possible by Wedding Cake Design Pro’s Tier Expansion Packs:

  • Hexagon, Oval, & Rectangle Tiers: Increase design possibilities with Wedding Cake Design Pro’s Tier Expansion Pack. Featured tier shapes include the hexagon, oval, and rectangle and can be purchased as a package or as a standalone shape. All the same customizing wedding cake decoration features apply to these great tier options, including, but not limited to, height and width adjustments, color and pattern options, as well as a wide assortment of tier border choices.

  • Tapered Tiers: To give your cake that extra special something, consider Wedding Cake Design Pro’s Tapered Tier Expansion Pack, available in both round and square designs. What’s more, included with this program pack are two tapered tier border additions to enhance the already expansive cake decoration design catalog.

Wedding Cake Design Pro: The Solution
to DIY Wedding Cake Decorating and Design

Wedding Cake Design Pro takes the complexity out of custom wedding cake design and decoration. Regardless of artistic skill level or technological ability, all that is required to build the cake of your dreams is a computer, a vision, and our state-of-the-art cake decorating software.


Design Custom Wedding Cakes Today with Wedding Cake Design Pro, Now Available for Online Purchase.


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