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Unique Patterns, Bouquets, and More


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•  Unique Patterns, Bouquets, and More  •


When decorating a custom wedding cake, embellishments are an excellent way to express a couple’s personality and style through the application of sugary confections. So why put the design power in the hands of wedding cake decorators with whom you’ve just met? With Wedding Cake Design Pro, be your own designer and achieve the look of your dreams with our easy-to-use cake decorating software.


Many soon-to-be-brides have been envisioning their wedding day since childhood. As a result, most have high expectations when it comes down to what they want. Wedding Cake Design Pro, a state-of-the-art cake decorating software ensures your wedding cake will exceed every expectation by placing the design control in your hands. With Wedding Cake Design Pro, no artistic or technological skill is required. Simply browse through the vast wedding cake decoration library and begin applying patterns, tier borders, floral bouquets, and embellishments that perfectly complement the season or your wedding theme.


If you have spent hours paging through magazines and bakery portfolios only to come up empty-handed with a look that fulfills your high standards, Wedding Cake Design Pro offers the solution. In minutes, brides and grooms can create custom floral sprays, patterns, borders, and more for a design that is truly one-of-a-kind. Creating custom wedding cake designs has never been easier. Simply drag and drop the desired elements onto the cake tiers and have fun with different embellishment combinations. Everything from tier color, shape, flower designs, patterns, and size is controllable by you.


Wedding Cake Design Pro: The Source for Exceptional
Wedding Cake Design Ideas:

  • Custom Flowers: Do you wish to incorporate a specific flower into your wedding cake design? If so, our comprehensive cake decorating software makes capturing the intricacy of your bouquet arrangement a cinch. With a vast library of floral designs from which to choose, the possibilities are endless. Specify color, placement, arrangement, and size for a design that is sure to garner your guests’ attentions.

  • Patterns: Incorporate a classic lattice pattern onto cake tiers for a traditional look, or be daring with a bold safari pattern. Regardless of taste and style preference, Wedding Cake Design Pro answers every desire with a broad selection of pattern options.

  • Trim: Accent each tier with one or a combination of trims. If you are unsure of the design to choose, experiment until you’ve found the option that fits your custom vision best.

  • Text: Are you looking to show off your new initials with eye-catching monograms? How about a romantic message to your bride- or groom-to-be? Wedding Cake Design Pro makes it possible with our flexible text design feature.

  • Decals: If you tend to think outside of the box, consider Wedding Cake Design Pro’s Decal Wizard Expansion Pack. With this affordable program add-on, custom graphics can be loaded into the already expansive design library for even greater embellishment possibilities.

When it comes to your wedding day, you deserve the best – have the best with Wedding Cake Design Pro, a professional-grade cake decorating software. Download through our online shopping cart today


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