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Aside from theme, color is one of the few elements that can tie together and present a cohesive wedding presentation. From bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen cummerbunds to flower selection and table linens, a well thought out color palette will not only turn heads, but also put a visual signature on this, the most special of occasions. Wedding Cake Design Pro, a custom wedding cake decorating software, puts the design power in your hands. Everything from the cake’s base fondant color down to tier embellishments and cake decorations can be customized to match or perfectly complement your wedding’s color story.


If you are like many soon-to-be-brides, your head is overflowing with wedding cake design ideas that are more often than not, a challenge to convey to wedding cake bakers and decorators without a visual reference. Don’t risk the chance of miscommunication; Wedding Cake Design Pro ensures your custom vision is crystal clear with a three-dimensional representation of your unique wedding cake creation. With well over 100 color options from which to choose, cake tiers can echo the coloration of the season or complete a visual theme with coordinating trim, embellishments, and floral bouquets. Regardless of your wedding theme or style preference, Wedding Cake Design Pro is the professional-grade cake decorating software that answers all needs and tastes, whether they be for classic and traditional wedding cakes or modern and edgy confection creations.


Wedding Cake Design Pro Color Options Include:

  • Tier Coloration: Choosing the correct tier coloration can make the difference between a forgettable design and one that is awe-inspiring. For this reason, Wedding Cake Design Pro offers our brides-to-be a wide assortment of color options, ranging from classic whites to the more daring purples, blues, pinks, greens, and other assorted colors.

  • Wedding Cake Decorations & Embellishments: As a “Do-It-Yourself Bride” (DIY), you want control over the look and design of your wedding cake, including the color of cake decorations and embellishments. From tier borders to patterns and other design enhancements, Wedding Cake Design Pro offers a wide assortment of standard colors from which to choose. Additionally, for even greater design options, consider Wedding Cake Design Pro’s Color Expansion Pack that provides an additional 130 choices in coordinating cake embellishment colors.

  • Floral Designs & Bouquets: For many, sugar floral bouquets are as integral to a wedding cake as flavor. With a base selection of floral color options, the bouquet of your cake can coordinate perfectly with your floral theme. What’s more, if you have trouble finding a precise color, Wedding Cake Design Pro’s Color Expansion Pack containing 130 color options on top of the standard offering, is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had the skill and artistry to design my own wedding cake,” now you can. Wedding Cake Design Pro allows brides to turn their wedding cake design and decoration ideas into three-dimensional reality with nothing more than a click here and a drag and drop there. Within seconds, brides and grooms can build upon a preselected wedding cake template or create a dream cake from scratch. From experimenting with tier shapes and quantities to having fun with color and embellishments, Wedding Cake Design Pro ensures your cake fulfills your exact specifications on your highly anticipated day.

Order your copy of Wedding Cake Design Pro today and begin designing your dream wedding cake tomorrow through our convenient and secure online shopping cart.


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